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This Year’s Shows Are In the Books

Our 2024 Conformation Shows are complete. Our regular weekend put us at the end of this month, which included Easter Sunday. We returned to the Roberts Centre in Wilmington Ohio and it was a fun time for all. And even though it was Easter weekend, the tried and true of the dog sport were all in attendance. We had four Specialties for 2024: The Cincinnati Shetland Sheepdog Club, the Miami Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club, the Greater Cincinnati Great Dane Club, and the Greater Cincinnati Weimaraner Club, which will surely made our shows even bigger and better than last year. Of course, we always have an “after action” meeting the month afterward. So if you’re so inclined, we have After Show Critique Meeting and you are invited to come join us at Frische’s Big Boy for the discussion. Of course, it’s best to come early so you can order some dinner before the meeting gets under weigh. It’s always both a learning experience and an enjoyable way to share our observations to incorporate into next year. If you and your dog enjoy Fast CAT, we hosted six trials again this year. But, these aren’t the only trials planned. So, if this new sport is your passion…or your dog’s passion and you’re just the chauffeur…make sure to check back regularly so you can reserve the date and time for this September. We’re also did Farm Dog on Saturday, and a new event on Sunday. If you have a retriever…or your dog just likes to bring you stuff…we’re hosted Fetch, one of AKC’s newest performance events. And if you’re wondering what that is, just [Click Here]. If you’re looking to see who won, here are the results…

Next Regular Meeting, Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Normally, we get together regularly on the third Wednesday of every month, and you’re welcome to join us. But you’ll have to wait until August, as it’s time for our annual “Summer Break”. Granted, we still have meetings of one kind or another during this period, but those are generally show committees for our fall Fast CAT event and next year’s conformation shows. The location sometimes varies and we generally take July and August off for the summer, so check the schedule before hopping in the car. While we hold our meetings in-person, we can also host them online for those who can’t make it. So, check with us for instructions on how to join the fun virtually. Because or live meetings are generally located at commercial eating establishments, we ask that you not bring your dog, unless they’re a service dog, of course. This next meeting will be at: La Rosa’s Pizza 4900 Roosevelt Blvd Middletown, Ohio
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